Student Services


The Accounting Office handles the financial records of students. It is the only office authorized to approve promissory notes.


AERO processes admission to the Institute and does application procedures, testing, and other information related to the admission in the Institute. The office provides up-to-date information on all FEU Diliman programs through advertisements, career talks, and other related academic campaigns.


The Cashier’s Office is the sole entity in the Institute authorized to collect and release payments for school fees and other charges.


The Community Extension Services Unit is a unit of the Student Affairs and Community Services Office that aims to organize and implement opportunities for the associates and students through community outreach activities.

Following the three functions of Higher Educational Institutions, community outreach is the culmination of the two other functions, namely instruction and research. The Community Extension Service Unit provides opportunity for associates and students to demonstrate their commitment in sharing their expertise in their respective professional fields to communities and organizations.


The Computer Services Office provides technical support and assistance to the users of the Institute’s Information Technology and Communications facilities. They are also in-charge of the ICT infrastructure’s operation, configuration, and administration.

Management Information System is the unit responsible for creating and developing systems and application based on the business processes and operations requirement of the Institute’s academic and administrative offices.


The Discipline Unit (DU) maintains and promotes a peaceful, orderly, disciplined, safe, and healthy school environment. It impartially implements and imposes the policies, rules and regulations stipulated in this Student Handbook. The Discipline Unit is the sole repository of all lost and found items in the Institute.


The Facilities Office is the unit that maintains an ideal academic physical setting for the Institute. Its main function is to create and maintain a safe environment for students and associates.

The Facilities Office monitors the use of the physical facilities and the activities scheduled for the day.


The Guidance Unit (GU) serves as the students’ partner in achieving success in their academic, career, and personal/social domains. It is a place where any student can go to and talk about concerns that affect his/her life as a college student and as an individual. Problems or issues discussed in individual sessions with any of the counselors are treated with confidentiality and do not appear in the students’ academic records.


The FEU Diliman Clinic is the unit responsible for attending to the health needs of the school community. It is manned by a team of physicians, dentists, nurses, and trained support staff rendering free medical and dental services like consultation and evaluation of any health related complaints and annual physical and dental examination for all students.


The Industry-Academe Linkage, Alumni and Placement Office (IALAP) oversees the Partnership Programs and Alumni Relations of the Institution. IALAP provides opportunities to students, associates, and alumni to gain valuable practical experience in their field of specialization through collaborative projects and programs with its Academic and Industry Partners. The office liaises with the Institute’s partners on projects involving internship, faculty immersion, research, student exchange and project-based learning. In terms of Alumni and Placement, IALAP provides alumni members with employment prospects by hosting recruitment activities and linking them to industry partners. Additionally, the office works with the Alumni Steering Committee to provide its members opportunities to participate in institutional activities such as community involvement, seminars, and trainings.


The FEU Diliman Library is an indispensable educational repository. It aims to provide and support the instructional, curricular, and research needs of the students and associates.

The collection of books is classified under Circulation, Reserve, Reference, Filipiniana, and Periodicals sections. These can easily be accessed using the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC).

The Electronic Library is also available to provide members of the academic community highly effective learning experiences and services through the web and internet technologies as an extension of the services of the conventional library.

All policies on the proper use of equipment in the computer laboratory shall be applied in the e-Library.

Library Hours :

Monday to Friday: 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.
Saturday: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


The Registrar’s Office is the sole repository of all student records from the time of admission until graduation.

It renders vital services such as the evaluation of academic credits earned, preparation and issuance of transfer credentials , scholastic records, transcript of records, ID, diplomas, and certificates of graduation. It further assists the various academic units in preparing the curricula for all academic programs offered by the school.

The Registrar’s Office provides information and guidance in the acquisition of Philippine Student Visas of International Students.

The Registrar’s Office, through the Liaison Officer and Registrar transacts with the Commission on Higher Education ( CHED) Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)on matters relating to students’ enrollment and others.


The Student Activities and Development Unit (SADU) develops students to become effective leaders, efficient followers to other cognizant of their talents and skills and put these in productive endeavors not only in school but also in the community where they live.