FOOD COURT has a wide seating capacity. It serves a variety of meals, snack, and refreshments for students and Associates.

STUDY AREAS are suitable for individual study and group work.

NICANOR REYES, JR. HALL is the venue for cultural, academic and social activities of the Institute. It was named after the founder’s son and former president of the Far Eastern University.

COMPUTER LABORATORIES The two Computer Laboratories house computer equipment to be used by the students for their online activities and other online services of the school.

AUDIO-VISUAL ROOM is the home of all events, seminars and trainings for the College. The 150-seater AVR is a witness to students’ excellence through various activities and exercises.

SPORTS COMPLEX houses sports events, practices and trainings of FEU Diliman and FEU Manila’s varsities. It has the same hardwood floors used in FIBA World Cup courts in Spain.

FOOTBALL PITCH is the Home of the Tamaraw Football Champions, the artificial football pitch is a primary venue for hosting UAAP Football competition and Palarong Pambansa.