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The Chemistry Laboratory course is designed to develop among students the proper understanding of the basic concepts of Chemistry through its applications. Particularly, the students learn the correct way of measuring different physical quantities such as mass, volume, and temperature. This is done using the commonly used laboratory equipment like the platform balance, graduated cylinder and thermometer. Proper handling and usage of the bunsen burner will also be incorporated in this course.

Upon learning the correct laboratory techniques, experiments are performed in the same sequence as the topics discussed in the Chemistry lecture class. These include matter and its phases, the types of chemical reactions, solutions, soap making and candle making.

The Chemistry laboratory is equipped with the following facilities: a fume hood, a shower, 10 working tables equipped with faucets, sinks and gas outlets. The fume hood serves as a safety device that prevents suffocation when harmful gases are produced during the performance of an experiment. The shower is another safety facility that is intended to wash off large amounts of accidentally spilled chemicals.


This Laboratory is where students develop skills in following procedures and hands-on manipulation of various physics equipment. These skills will help them understand the different concepts in Physics, enabling them to think critically and to reason logically. The experiment in the measurement of length exposes students to devices such as the vernier caliper and the micrometer. A series of experiments for the application of Newton’s laws of motion are also included. These experiments will provide students the visual applications of these laws and will also enable them to better understand these laws of motion. Properties of fluids will be analyzed. And experiments on the application of the principles of heat will be performed thru then Linear Expansion Coefficient and Calorimetry.


The Computer Assisted Physics Laboratory is a product of innovation in Physics education. The CAP Laboratory utilizes different computer softwares that allow the application of the fundamental principles in Physics to be easily attained . Accuracy and precision which are the main concerns during data gathering and presentation of results can now be narrowed to its perfection. Thus, the understanding of the fundamental principles in physics brought upon by its application during an experiment is defined by its accurate and precise presentation of data. The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the- art equipment. It features innovative, high end computer-based Engineering education and training in Physics.

The very objective of this subject is to prepare the students in a research­-oriented environment where the use of computer software is essential for more accurate and precise results. Abandonment of the traditional laboratory physics is not the intention of this subject but to enhance the application of the fundamental principles of physics and extend its application to modern physics.

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