Registration and Enrollment

  • Students are expected to enroll on a full-time basis and therefore must be able to attend their classes. To enroll, students must register and pay all the required fees during the designated registration/enrollment period designated by the Registrar’s Office. Students are not officially enrolled until they have paid for their tuition and other fees. Payment deadlines, which are also posted/ announced, must be observed and should be made through the Cashier’s Office or through accredited payment facilities.


  • This is a system allowing students to cross enroll in a university or college to take specific courses, subject to rules, and regulations of the Institute.

Cross enrollment is normally discouraged and is subject to policies, rules and regulations. However, for valid reasons as determined by, and with the written consent of the Institute, a student may be permitted to cross enroll to other institutions in subject loads not normally offered during a particular term.

At the discretion of the Institute, a request for cross enrollment may be allowed in accordance with the Institute’s academic policies and standards on retention, promotion, transfer and cross enrollment, and only under the circumstances as follows:

  1. When the desired courses are not offered by the Institute during the term the requesting student is enrolled in;
  2. When the courses are offered, but schedules are in conflict with the requesting student’s other class schedules; and,
  3. When the student intends to spend the school term in his home province or region and enrolls in courses offered by an institution located therein, provided that, such request is in accordance with the accepting institution’s policy on cross

A student need not secure the clearance from the Commission on Higher Education to cross-enroll, provided that the total subject loads do not exceed the allowable number of units per school term.


  • Any change in registration, withdrawal of enrollment, course addition, and/or dropping is done within the period specified by the Registrar’s Office. A processing fee is charged for every transaction.


  • Students who have partially or fully paid their enrollment fees for a particular trimester and decided to discontinue attending classes but failed to drop/withdraw the course/s within the scheduled period of dropping/withdrawal shall be charged with the unpaid portion of total assessment (for those with partial payment) covering the whole trimester, and no refund shall be granted for those who paid their fees in full.

A grade of 7.0 will be given to students who officially drop/withdraw their course/s not later than the first day of Midterm Examinations.